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1977 - At the age of seventeen, she presented the programme "Tutto uncinetto" on the Lombardy broadcaster Telealtomilanese, as part of the programme "La ciperita" with Raffaele Pisu. 

1978 - She continued her career as a presenter with the programme "Chi è di spalle" on Telenord Italia. 

1980 - She began working as a TV announcer on Canale 51.

1982 - She moved to Italia 1, where she worked alongside Gabriella Golia on programme announcements.

1983 - In the autumn she was chosen to work alongside Mike Bongiorno in "Superflash" and "Bis", two programmes of the newly born Canale 5,  continuing her work as an announcer at Italia 1 for the whole 1983/84 season.

1984 - She worked alongside Mike Bongiorno as the presenter of the musical event "Incontri d'estate - Boario'84" on Canale 5. In September, she moved permanently to Canale 5, replacing Eleonora Brigliadori in the role of announcer and remaining in charge for almost twenty years, collecting more than 40,000 appearances and becoming a familiar face for millions of families who follow the channel. Many artists have wanted to interact with her in her announcements, to promote their programmes with funny sketches; among them Paolo Villaggio, Sandra Mondaini and Raimondo Vianello, Gerry Scotti, Amadeus, Aldo Giovanni e Giacomo, Massimo Lopez and many others. Since November of the same year, she has hosted the television programme "Anteprima", focusing on previews of the programmes that would be broadcast the following week, a programme aired on Canale 5 until 1998.

1985 - Again with Mike Bongiorno at the conduction of the second edition of the "Gran Premio Internazionale dello Spettacolo - Telegatti", aired on Canale 5; in June of the same year she participated as godmother of the zodiacal sign of Pisces in an episode of the Italia 1 program "Zodiaco", hosted by Claudio Cecchetto.

1987 - From March to June and then from September to June of 1988, she hosted two editions of the morning program "Buongiorno Italia" on Channel 5, a show along the lines of "Good morning America".

1988 - From October to June 1992, she hosted "Rivediamoli", a programme made with clips from past programmes of the broadcaster, reaching over 7 million viewers per episode. Fiorella also interprets the various theme songs that have followed one another in the various years: "Navigherò", "Alice delle meraviglie". 

1989 - She acted in an episode of the Canale 5 TV show "Don Tonino", with Gigi Sammarchi and Andrea Roncato. From October to the end of December, she hosted "Sogni d'oro" on Canale 5, a daily show after the Maurizio Costanzo Show. She later joined Gerry Scotti in the programme "L'allegria fa 90", broadcast on 31 December 1989 in prime time on Canale 5.

1990 - In addition to her commitments as an announcer and hosting "Anteprima" and "Rivediamoli", she participates in Festivalbar as an interviewer of the artists in competition and hosts "Discoverde", a section of the contest dedicated to emerging artists in which she introduces the young Biagio Antonacci and Ligabue and where she has her own musical space (she sings "Calling You"). Together with Umberto Smaila, in February, in prime time on Italia 1, she presented the special "Carnevale sul ghiaccio", a show with the artists of Holiday on Ice. In addition, between October and December, she leads the daily strip "Buon compleanno Canale 5", dedicated to the history of the first ten years of the network.

1991 - In January, she presented "Holiday on Ice" in prime time alongside Claudio Lippi. In February of the same year, she took part in the programme "Cantavip" hosted by Mike Bongiorno with the presence of big names in Italian show business such as Monica Vitti, Nino Manfredi and Alberto Sordi and where she presented the song "L'affascinante gioco della seduzione". In the summer, she returned to Festivalbar, this time as a guest, presenting the song "Resta come sei". In September, for three episodes, she presented the "Festival Internazionale - Giovani stelle del circo" with Cino Tortorella and Corrado Tedeschi.

1992 - She stars in the music video for the song "Buon compleanno bambina" sung by Edoardo Bennato. In the same year she filmed between Brazil and Italy the TV movie "Missione d'amore" directed by Dino Risi, in which she played a novice nun; international co-production shot in English between Rome and Brazil with Carol Alt, Fernando Rey, Florinda Bolkan, Ethan Wayne, Valeria Cavalli.

1993 - Participates in the Sanremo Festival selections with Gianni Bella with the song written by Gianni Bella and Mogol entitled "I veri tesori". In December she returned to host "Holiday on Ice", again alongside Claudio Lippi.

1995 - She hosted the daily telepromotions programme "Aspettando Beautiful" on Canale 5, aired before the historic American soap, often alongside Giorgio Mastrota. 

1996 - Her second album, "Encanto", is released, containing seven original songs, some written by her and three covers, including "Moonlight Shadow", later used as the soundtrack for the Pernigotti campaign. The same year saw her second film experience in the film "Oltre la quarta dimensione" (Beyond the Fourth Dimension) by Emiliano di Meo, where she acted alongside Lorenzo Brusco, Rosanna Banfi and Laura Efrikian.

1997 - Presents with Cesare Cadeo "Super Festival '97", an event for singers journalists from the Capolinea in Milan, aired on Italia 1. 

1998 - After fourteen years she ends his experience as a presenter of "Anteprima", a programme that will not be repeated; in the same year she begins her experience in radio on Radio Italia, where she presents "Buongiorno Italia", in which she gives birthday wishes to VIPs and listeners. This radio experience ends in September 2005.

2000 - She appears alongside Professor Fabrizio Trecca in the programme "Vivere bene con noi - Speciale medicina" on Saturday mornings on Canale 5.2001 - She took part in Canale 5's summer quiz show "Facce da quiz" hosted by Gigi Sabani.

2002 - Together with Gino Strada, Paolo Bonolis, Enrico Bertolino, Beppe Severgnini, Kay Rush and Marco Santin (Gialappa's), she is the testimonial for the Inter season ticket campaign, of which she is a big fan.

2003 - In June, she announces from the studios of "Striscia la notizia" her intention to abandon her role as an announcer after 20 years, to work on other projects. Starting from September, free from the exclusivity that bound her to Canale 5, she is able to participate several times, during the 2003-2004 championship and in the two following ones, as a correspondent from the stadiums to follow the matches of Inter, to the Rai 2 program "Quelli che il calcio" conducted by Simona Ventura. 

2004 - Participates until 2006 as a columnist in various episodes of the afternoon program of Rai 2, "L'Italia sul 2".

2006 - A survey promoted by TGcom proclaimed her the queen of the announcers of all the television networks with over 48% of the votes. 

2009 - In Acqui Terme she presented the "Premio Acqui Ambiente", a biennial international award dedicated to the Nigerian intellectual Ken Saro Wiwa and established in 1997 to raise awareness of ecological issues and environmental protection. She will also present it in 2011 and 2013.

2015 - Inauguration of the broadcasts of Radio Francigena, a webradio created with the aim of being the voice of the paths, giving space to all those cultural, associative, historical-tourist and movement realities, which focus on the cultural heritage, extended to the quality of life and good living.

2016 - From June 2016 until December 2019, she conducted on the frequencies of Radio Popolare, the programme "Sulla via - Tutto quello che si muove per le strade del mondo": from the experience of Radio Francigena, 50 minutes of entertainment with guests and selected music, whose central themes are slow movement, soft mobility, culture and nature conservation.

In over twenty years of work at Canale 5, Fiorella has taken part in numerous television programmes on the network, including: "Paperissima", "Scherzi a parte", "Il gioco dei nove", "Buona domenica", "Maurizio Costanzo Show" etc.


Advertising has also made use of her face as testimonial for confectionery, cosmetics and drinks.


In addition to her television work, Fiorella has carried out an intense and continuous activity of convention presentation for different Italian and foreign companies: Mondadori, Ente Fiera Milano, etc.


At the same time, she has assiduously participated, also as a testimonial, in charity events and advertising campaigns for the "Association for the cure and research against spina bifida", "Lega Nazionale contro l'abbandono dei cani", "Ministero della Sanità", "Amref", "Emergency", "Lotta alle leucemie infantili".
In 2004, she was the testimonial for a radio campaign in favour of "Cesvi" for the medical care of HIV-positive African mothers. In 2007 she made an extraordinary comeback as an announcer, filming a number of commercials for the international humanitarian organisation Doctors Without Borders. In 2017 she shot a video in support of the drug collection day promoted by the Banco Farmaceutico Foundation.

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