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2008  MADONNA DI CAMPIGLIO, NICE (CUM) , COSTAREI,                         OSAKA (Oasis ), DRAGUIGNAN, MAPELLO (XXIV Agazzi Prize)

          FORLÍ (Telethon) , ALTOPASCIO (Tau Castle) - Paths of light

          ASPREMONT (Chapelle pénitents blancs) - Paths of light

2009  OSAKA (Oasis) , Follonica (Giacinto Facchetti Foundation Auction) ,           PIETRASANTA, PRINCIPALITY OF MONACO (Gemlucart) ,                   VILLENEUVE LOUBET, FLORENCE (Palazzo Panciatichi) - Paths                 of light , ACQUI TERME (Palazzo Robellini) - Paths of light

2010  SAN MARINO, LUCCA (Auction for art) , MOUGINS,  

          OSAKA (Oasis) , MILANO MARITTIMA, LUCCA (Center of                    Contemporary Art) - Paths of light , PONTREMOLI (Piagnaro                        Castle) - Paths of light , BERCETO (Centro Doc. Via Francigena) -                   Paths of light , VERONA (Palazzo della Gran Guardia) - Paths of light ,         PARMA (Palazzo Giordani) - Paths of light

2011  PRINCIPALITY OF MONACO (Italian style, art and design)

          TURIN - 54th BIENNALE OF VENICE (Italian Pavilion)

          NICE (Consulate General of Italy) - Paths of light

2012  CASALPUSTERLENGO (Palazzo Lampugnani) - Paths of light

2013  TORINO (Charity Auction Art @ Lavoro)

          VIMERCATE (Heart cultural pulsations) - Traces of light

          FOLLONICA (Pinacoteca) - Traces of light

          FOLLONICA (Ceccarelli art café) 


2015  TERNATE (Town Hall) - Paths of light

2017  CERVIA (Magazzini del Sale) - Paths of light

2018  RIMINI (Hotel Duomo) - Traces of light

2019  GALZIGNANO (Hotel Radisson) - Traces of light

          TURIN (Casa Vicina - Eataly Lingotto) - Art and cuisine

          MILAN (Arcadia Gallery) - Traces of light 

Permanent exhibitions

LUCCA L.U.C.C.A. (LUcca Center of Contemporary Art)

FLORENCE Pinacoteca Regional Council of Tuscany


FORLÍ Dino Zoli Foundation


CASALPUSTERLENGO Casalpusterlengo Civic Art Gallery


FOLLONICA  Pinacoteca Civica of Follonica


TURIN Casa Vicina - Eataly Lingotto (until 2020)


TURIN Casa Vicina - Green Pea (from 06/12/2020) 

Fiorella Pierobon 300 dpi_edited.jpg


After more than 20 years of work and more than 40,000 video appearances as the official face of Canale 5, in 2003 I broke off the working relationship with the station and with TV in general. Since then, I have chosen to change my life and return to my first love: painting.


In order to bring about my own personal revolution, I decided to play the game all-out, accepting all the rules of the game without taking advantage of the easy help provided by fame.


So I moved to live in France, in Nice, where, in perfect anonymity, as a semi-unknown person, I was able to work in complete tranquillity on the creation of my new artistic path. 


In February 2007, in the charming alleyways of Old Nice, at 31 rue droite, the artists' street, I opened my painting studio where I create, exhibit and sell my works and where you can find me, often busy, showing my canvases and sculptures to fascinated visitors from all over the world and explaining my painting technique.


During these years in France, I made a lot of progress in the field of art: I obtained my own official quotation assigned to me by Drouot, I acquired an international clientele and I successfully participated in many personal and collective exhibitions in France, England, Monaco, Japan, Vietnam and Italy, receiving flattering reviews everywhere. 


In Italy, in May 2008, in the medieval halls of the Castello del Tau in Altopascio (Lu), I presented my first solo exhibition in Italy, "Percorsi di luce" (Paths of light), made with canvases inspired by reading the stories of medieval travellers who crossed Europe on foot along the Romee roads and those of the Via Francigena, the historic route that connected Canterbury to Rome and then on to Jerusalem. Hence the idea of making "Percorsi di luce" a travelling exhibition along the places touched by the Via Francigena and the Romee roads, receiving the patronage of the European Association of the Vie Francigene, the reference body for the Via.


In December 2008, one of my paintings was acquired by the Dino Zoli Museum in Forlì. Since May 2009, my installation "Bi-sogni d'artista" (artist's dreams), made up of nine works including paintings and sculptures, has been on permanent display in Lucca's museum of contemporary art, the Lu.C.C.A. (Lucca Center of Contemporary Art).


In July of the same year, I was invited by the Region of Tuscany to exhibit at the seat of the Regional Council, in the historical halls of Palazzo Panciatichi in Florence. At the end of the exhibition period, one of my works was acquired by the Pinacoteca del Consiglio Regionale della Toscana.  


In 2011, I was invited to exhibit at the 54th Venice Biennale, at the Italian Pavilion, Turin.  


Since 2012, the work "Andar per l'acque" has been acquired by the Pinacoteca di Casalpusterlengo (Lo). Since 2013 the work "Di-vino santo" is present in the collection of works of the Pinacoteca di Follonica.

Awards & AcknowledgmentS

Silver Plaque of the President of the Italian Republic

24th Agazzi Prize (2008) 


1st prize in the "Abstract" category

"8ème Trophee Aurelia d'Or" - St Jean Cap Ferrat (2007)


2nd prize in the "Abstract" category 

"5eme Pluie de toiles" - Cannes (2007)


Diploma of honour for the originality of the works

Academie des Beaux Arts de Provence/Cote d'Azur (2007)

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