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Art meets taste

Sculptures, ceramic creations and paintings that tell through intense colours and sinuous shapes the close link between "art and cuisine".

From 29 October to 3 November 2019 Casa Vicina will be launching the "Atelier Casa Vicina" initiative, a spin-off of the "Terra Vicina: a tale of taste with producers" project, which on this occasion highlights and enhances the work of two artists who, through a number of works, express a connection with the world of food. The starred restaurant in Turin will in fact host a selection of my sculptures that will flank the paintings from the "Materie Prime" collection that have characterised the room for several years, and the ceramic creations of Carla Cecere whose art is connected to the energy released by nature and the colours of the soul.

"Good food and art have always followed the same emotional path. I met the Vicina family several years ago in Nice and discovered our mutual love of local cuisine and abstract painting. From that day on, we began working together to explore possible contaminations between fine cuisine and artistic suggestions."

The initiative is based on the concept that the culinary experience is only complete if there is a perfect marriage between the conception of the dish and the context in which it is served. An important and fundamental link that allows you to fully enjoy each course and that has always been present at the Casa Vicina restaurant thanks to the brothers and owners Claudio and Stefano. Claudio, a Michelin-starred chef, takes care of the kitchen in collaboration with his wife Anna (Chef Pâtissier), while Stefano is the Maître de Salle.

"The quality and accuracy of the service, the details of the ambience from the background music to the set-up are important elements to which the utmost attention must be paid if you want to create a welcoming and relaxing atmosphere. The pleasure of sitting down to a meal and spending an evening with your friends or companions is a moment of personal gratification, but it can also be an opportunity to have new experiences and activate all the senses," comments Stefano Vicina. "This is why we decided to develop the link with the "art" theme, already present with the exhibition of Fiorella Pierobon's paintings, by asking both her and the artist Carla Cecere to collaborate on a common project "Atelier Casa Vicina".

Next to the paintings of the collection "Materie Prime" I will exhibit some laser-cut sculptures made of different materials (plexiglass and anodised aluminium) representing male and female figures related to the world of wanderers and pilgrims in the medieval period.

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