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Eros and Logos - Triennale Bovisa

The third meeting/debate on 'Eros and Logos - Neuroaesthetic Creativity and the Right Hemisphere of our Brain' took place in the context of the exhibition of the artist Sandro Chia.

in the photo from right: Sandro Chia, Maurizio Vanni, Mario Lavezzi, Fiorella Pierobon

I was invited to the Triennale Bovisa in Via Lambruschini 31, Milan, as part of the exhibition of the artist Sandro Chia, to take part in the third meeting/debate "Eros e logos - Creatività neuroestetica e l'emisfero destra del nostro cervello" (Eros and logos - Neuro-aesthetic creativity and the right hemisphere of our brain) which was attended by Sandro Chia, Maurizio Vanni (curator of the exhibition and Director of the Lu.C.C.A.), Gianfranco Marchesi (psychiatrist), Mario Lavezzi (musician and author), Bianca Pananti (psychologist). 


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